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. by joannablu kitchener on Flickr.

You have no idea, the feeling, the moment, until you’re in it: when you’ve been stalking and haunting this creature for hours, pawing the ground for the barest hint of his presence, pining for a glimpse, talking in hoarse, tense whispers upwind: “I think he’s over there - ” …until you stumble, suddenly, into the field and he is there, you see him; he raises his eyes and you would swear the whole mountain can feel the beat of your heart in your chest as you tighten the grip on your gun and wonder: do I take it or do I run?

morning in south park by meeganz on Flickr.

This enchanting photograph was taken in 1995 by renowned French photographer François Halard during his visit to the landmark Palm Springs home of architect Alfred Frey.